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Pregnant Belly

Benefits of Pregnancy or
Post-Partum Massage

  • Helps to decrease swelling around joints

  • Improves quality of sleep

  • Decreases stress and anxiety levels

  • Helps to alleviate muscle pains, tension and cramps

Is it Safe to have a Massage when I'm Pregnant?

YES! Taking care of those aches and pains with a massage, while you focus on growing that belly is perfectly safe and often recommend by medical professionals.

  • The massage is tailored accordingly throughout the progression of a clients pregnancy.

  • It is safe to have a massage right up to 9 months

  • Postpartum massage is recommended from 10 weeks after giving birth.

Prenatal Yoga
Image by Juan Manuel Sanchez

Is it Safe to Lay on my Belly during a Massage ?

YES! Published medical research and medical case studies proves that laying on your pregnant belly will not cause any harm to you or your baby.

Our consulting room has a specialised pregnancy bed and pillow. 

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