dr melissa crestani in cape town near table mountain

Dr. Melissa Crestani

Hi There!


I graduated with a Master's Degree from the Durban University of Technology and left my hometown of Durban as a passionate Cape Town Chiropractor who loves being able to take the time to listen to my patients and build a relationship with them.


I currently work in an amazing multidisciplinary chiropractic practice operating in Sun Valley (Noordhoek) in Cape Town that has allowed me to be part of many peoples health journeys.


I have a sweet spot in my heart for treating the older and wiser generations and a keen interest in treating people with upper back pain, tension and headaches. 


My particular style of chiropractic treatment allows for muscle release techniques as well as joint manipulation because I believe that in order to have a well adjusted and functioning skeletal and nervous system, all the muscles attaching to these areas must be happy as well.


I want to help patients live a healthy, pain-free life so that they can get back to living their best lives and not be forced to skip out on all the adventures that our beautiful Cape Town has to offer.